Karnataka Viveka Scheme 2023: Check Details of 8000 schools painted by Saffron | ವಿವೇಕ ಯೋಜನೆ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ

( Karnataka Viveka Scheme 2023 details | About Viveka Scheme Karnataka | Objective of Viveka Scheme | Highlights | Benefits and Features of Viveka School Scheme | ವಿವೇಕ ಯೋಜನೆ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ )

Karnataka Viveka Scheme 2023 Details: Friends as we all know that former CM Basavaraj Bommai launched this scheme for students. Under this scheme, State government will be painted all government schools with saffron colour for the next upcoming 3 years. Today in this KhetiNiDuniya’s article we are going through all the details of the Viveka School Scheme Karnataka. Not just details but also we are going through Opposition reaction on this scheme. So please stay tuned at the end.

Karnataka Viveka Scheme

Karnataka Viveka Scheme 2023 Details

Friends Karnataka Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai launched Viveka Scheme on Monday 14th November on the occasion of Children’s Day. In the scheme state’s BJP government will be painted all government schools with saffron colour in the 3 years. In the current financial year they will be painted approximately 7600 government schools as the same way they completed 24,000 schools for next 3 years.

In this Karnataka Colour Scheme 2023 Education Minister BC Nagesh said that Saffron Colour is the colour of Sun. That’s why all the children of the government school will encourage from this saffron colour wall in their classroom. Also they said that this colour is the sign of Knowledge (Gyan) and it also point out talented Swami Vivekanand that’s why students also motivated from this saffron colour in this saffron colour scheme Karnataka. This is the reason to give a name Viveka Scheme Karnataka behind Swami Vivekananda (Based on his knowledge and talent).

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Objective of Viveka Scheme Karnataka

One of the main objective behind Viveka Scheme Karnataka is to renovate state’s government schools and also encourage children with saffron colour. But due to launching Viveka scheme opposition leader conflict about saffron colour they said that why only Saffron? Why not any other Colours then Education Minister BC Nagesh replied that Saffron is s symbol of knowledge and also this colour is on our Flag. Another reason to choose this colour is by Architect suggestions. for this Viveka Scheme CM Bommai allocate 1200 crore budget.

Highlights Of Viveka Scheme

🟠 Scheme Name🟢 Viveka School Scheme (Saffron Colour Scheme)
🟠 Launched By🟢 Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai
🟠 Launched on🟢 14th November on Children’s Day
🟠 Launched In🟢 Karnataka
🟠 Objective🟢 To encourage students and give inspiration of Swami Vivekananda
🟠 Beneficiary🟢 All students who are in Government School
🟠 Colour Code🟢 Saffron
🟠 Scheme Type🟢 State Level Scheme
🟠 How many schools will be painted🟢 24000
🟠 Telegram Channel🟢 KhetiNiDuniya01

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Benefits of Karnataka Viveka Scheme

  • Viveka Classroom Scheme Karnataka was launched by CM Bommai on Children’s Day.
  • in the Viveka Scheme Karnataka All the government school classes will be painted with saffron colour.
  • Nearly 8100 classrooms of state government school will be painted in this current financial year 2022.
  • Under this scheme government allocate 1200 crore of budget. Under this budget government will reconstruct classrooms.
  • This scheme’s time period is for next 3 years.
  • So in this Viveka Yojana Karnataka approximately 24,000 Classrooms will be coloured with Saffron.
  • This Viveka School Scheme Karnataka named on Swami Vivekananda that’s why students will encourage.

Opposition Party Conflict Point about Viveka Scheme

here we described point and it’s reply from BJP party.

Why Only Saffron Colour Chooses for Painting?

Education Minister said in reply that Saffron is the part of our national flag and it’s colour chosen by the suggestion of architect than why opposition party Congress conflict on this points. Other reason for choosing saffron colour is this colour is symbolic image of knowledge and in this Viveka Scheme of Karnataka we are going to paint out School wall that’s why all students of government school will encourage and scheme name is on the talented Swami Vivekananda this is the another reason to chosen Saffron Colour.

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FAQs for Viveka Yojana Karnataka

Que: By whom and when Launched Karnataka Viveka Scheme?

Ans: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai launched this scheme on 14th November 2022 (children’s day).

Que: What is Viveka School Scheme?

Ans: In this scheme Karnataka state government schools will be painted with saffron colour. State government target 24,000 schools in the next 3 years and in this current financial year they will Coloured 8100 schools classrooms with saffron colour.

Que: In which state Viveka Scheme launched?

Ans: Karnataka

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