Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme 2023: Here Know the rates for Lion and others

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Guys, Delhi National Zoological park launches a new scheme which is beneficial to both animal and people called Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme 2023. Under the Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme you can adopt animal for one or two years in exchange of money and your name will feature on the animal cage for one or two years. Every animal has a different rates for adoption.

in this KhetiNiDuniya’s Article we explained not only Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme but the rates of different animal like tiger, elephant, birds and much more. That’s why if you want to adopt animal then please read this article at the end.

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Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme application procedure

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Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme 2023

Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme launched by the Zoo director Dharam Deo Rai on 5th October, 2022. In this scheme you can adopt easily any animal in which you want and give cage name with your name. In the Zoological park Delhi has around 1100 species of animal included Lion, tiger, mammals, birds and reptilia etc. From this you can adopt which you like.

In this Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme Zoological Park Delhi provide you an Adoption Membership Card. Through this card you can visit Zoological park once a month during visiting hours for free. Zoo director said that this type of animal adoption scheme run at Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha.

Objective of Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme

The main objective behind to starting Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme is better self keeping of animal and to increase of appreciation for animals in people’s mind. Due to the Animal Adoption Scheme Delhi whatever revenue has been collected are expenses on the better care of animals in Delhi Zoological Park. Through this collected revenue facility of the animals would be increased by the time. This scheme will help to increase the love between animal and man kind.

Highlights of Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme

🟠 Scheme Name🟢 Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme
🟠 Launched On🟢 5th October, 2022
🟠 Launched in🟢 Delhi Zoological Park
🟠 Launched By🟢 Dharam Deo Rai (Director of Zoological park)
🟠 Objective🟢 Better Self keeping of animal
🟠 Who can Adopt?🟢 People of Delhi
🟠 Can i adopt Lion?🟢 Yes
🟠 Range of Adoption rate🟢 Rs 700 to 6 Lakh
🟠 Mode of Application🟢 Offline
🟠 Telegram Channel🟢 Click Here

Benefits and Features of Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme

  • This scheme was starting on 5th October 2022 for better animal care.
  • Due to the scheme Delhi Zoological park can generate more revenue and provide better facility to the animals through Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme.
  • The zoo will feature the name of the person who can join the scheme on the animals cage for time period of adoption.
  • You can use identity proof in companies or institute through Adoption Membership Card.
  • You can add 3 additional name and 2 children name whose age under 12 years in adoption membership card.
  • You can get Adoption Certificate by NZP through Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme.
  • Company or Brand can reach thousands of people daily because of their name on the animal cage in the Animal Adoption Scheme Delhi.
  • In this scheme you can adopt animal what you want from 1100 species.
  • There are Reptilia, birds species, lion, tiger, mammals, elephant, giraffe, big cats etc.
  • Every animal has a different adoption rate in this Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme. Which will discussed in the details further.
  • If you can join animal adoption scheme then will be given you an Adoption Membership Card for visit once a month in Zoological Park for free.

Delhi Zoo Animal List with Rates (Fees of animal in Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme)

The rate will be vary depending on your adoption time period and animal species. It can range from 700 INR to 6 Lakh per annum. For example you adopt Sambar deer then you have to pay 40,000 INR per annum.

Animal NameAdoption Rate (INR) per year
🔥 Budgerigar Bird🔥 700
🔥 Diadem Snake, Spectacled Cobra, Common Rat Snake🔥 2000
🔥 Cockatiel🔥 3000
🔥 Indian Star Tortoise🔥 3500
🔥 Black Swan, Red eared Slider🔥 4500
🔥 Grey Parrot, Military Macaw🔥 6000
🔥 Himalayan Goral, Elds Deer🔥 24,000
🔥 Jungle Cat, Marsh Crocodile🔥 30,000
🔥 Sambar, great hornbill and swamp deer🔥 40,000
🔥 Common Ostrich🔥 90,000
🔥 Indian wolf🔥 1,80,000
🔥 Indian bison🔥 2,25,000
🔥 Jaguar, Large Hippo🔥 3,00,000
🔥 leopard🔥 3,60,000
🔥 Lions, tiger, rhinos and elephant, Bengal tiger🔥 6,00,000

Here we provide some Adoption rate but if you want proper list then you can PDF file given end of the article.

Refund Policy under Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme

Delhi Zoological Park director Dharam Deo Rai said that if you adopt leopard for a year paid by 3.6 lakh and after 6 month you can leave Delhi Zoo Adoption Scheme then you didn’t get any refund and this is not only in leopard case but any animal you adopt this refund policy will be applied.

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Terms and Conditions for Delhi Zoo Adoption Scheme

  • You can adopt for 1 or 2 year only under the Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme.
  • You didn’t get any refund or transfer membership after paying for the animal adoption scheme Delhi.
  • Through Adoption Membership Card you can visit Zoological Park Delhi once in a month only on visiting hours.
  • You can adopt animal who available in the National Zoological Park Delhi.
  • In this Animal Adoption Scheme Delhi Payment only approved by Account Payee Cheque, Demand Draft, credit or debit card.
  • Renewal of Membership can be made by auto renewal through email.
  • If Adoption Membership Card is lost then you can issue another Membership Card by paying Rs 500.
  • If the address of the member is changed then you must inform to National Zoological Park Delhi via email.
  • If you misuse or misbehavior membership card then you are terminated by NZP (National Zoological Park).
  • During Pandemic condition or Zoonotic Disease you have no permission to visit zoo.

Application Procedure for Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme

Step 1: first of all you have to visit Zoological Park Delhi.

Step 2: There you can ask to the chief of the Zoo for the Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme Application Form.

Step 3: After that they will provide Application Form for the Delhi Zoo Adoption.

Application process for the Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme.

Step 4: After that you have to fill out necessary details and attach a required Documents.

Step 5: Before you submit application you have check again details filled by you.

Step 6: After this process you have to pay amount respectively of which animal you adopted.

This is the Application Process or Registration process for the Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme.

Delhi Zoo Contact Number

Address: National Zoological Park, Mathura road, New Delhi – 110003

Contact Number: (1) +91 93106 38076 (2) 011 2435 8500

Email: [email protected]

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FAQs for Delhi Zoo Adoption Scheme

Que: By whom and when Launched Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme?

Ans: Zoological Park Delhi Director Dharam Deo Rai Launched this Adoption Scheme on 5th October 2022.

Que: What is the Adoption rate of Lion in Delhi Zoo Animal Adoption Scheme?

Ans: 6 Lakh INR per Year.

Que: What is the Registration process for Delhi Animal Adoption Scheme?

Ans: Full Application Process described in this KhetiNiDuniya Article. You can read article for apply in this scheme.

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